I know. I may have written about a dozen weather-related articles here at ExpatPost. But what can I do? Weather is a BIG THING here in Ireland (no kidding!). Apart from the stunning landscapes featured on the countryside, the weather is another common topic to talk about among locals and tourists alike.

samuel beckett
Appreciating the Samuel Beckett bridge on a sunny day! Photo via Grab a Ticket, Buy a Bite

“Stunning weather today isn’t it?”, “Rain? Well, this IS Ireland!” – These are just some of the common phrases you may hear from cabbies or pub patrons the moment somebody brought the Irish weather up!

I definitely prefer the nice and warm days of summer over the chilly spring rains and winds. But summer has an ugly side, too! Not convinced? Then, read on!

Sunscreen IS necessary!

"I am your friend this season. XOXO, sunscreen" Photo via Flickr.
“I am your friend this season. XOXO, sunscreen” Photo via Flickr.

I know it is not “healthy” but back in the days when I was living in the Philippines – I only wear sunscreen when going to the beach. I don’t bother using it as part of my daily skincare routine even if I know I’d end up walking under direct sunlight to buy something or to commute to/fro my workplace.

Here in Ireland, experience told me that sunscreen is necessary, especially during summer. I was surprised to see my face sunburnt after spending the afternoon walking for a couple of hours around the city center. And from then on, it occurred to me why the campaign promoting the usage of sunscreen is aggressive over here. Because during summer, the sun can be really harmful to your skin!

Flies are rampant (and super aggressive, too!!)

If only flies are these cute.
If only flies are these cute.

I am not entirely bothered about the existence of flying insects such as flies – they are pretty common in the Philippines, too. I know they are filthy, spread germs and diseases but it’s OK so long as they don’t fly around ME.

Here in Ireland, I noticed that flies have the tendency to be a little bit “clingy”. Instead of seeing them swarm around the rubbish bins or leftover food – countless times, they prefer to land on people’s face, back, or head!

A leisure walk around the city center is a challenge!

paddy's day
Just another day in the streets of Dublin. Photo via Flickr

Warm weather makes you want to go out, right? Especially if you’ve been waiting for a glorious weather for what feels like an eternity; finally seeing clear blue skies and warm sunshine makes you a little bit giddy inside!

It is a great idea to step out and get your dose of Vitamin D from the natural source. But be warned if you do: there are LOADS of people out there doing the EXACT same thing as you do! Parks are flocked with people with spread out mats for a picnic, city center is congested with people walking around, and that queue from your favorite gelato store is a lot longer than you’re used to!

It CAN still rain

I remember a conversation I had with a cabbie a couple of weeks ago. He said there were a bunch of tourists that booked his cab and asked him “What’s the weather be like today?” He then went on to say to them “The only thing I can promise you for today is RAIN” – and that still holds true even during summer!

Of course, the weather is not as bad as spring but there is no guarantee that Ireland will be “rain-free” all months of summer. I kid you not, but there are instances when it is very warm and sunny in the morning, only for rain to spoil the fun in the afternoons!