Christmas is a BIG celebration in Europe. Apart from bringing the Hallmark card “White Christmas” theme to life, there are world-famous cities in Europe that brings up the ante on this holiday event. Apart from lighting up the city with bright lights and festive decors to bring up the cheer, these cities are also sought-after by tourists for one reason: Christmas Markets!

Christmas markets are common in most major cities in Europe but there are certain places where it is BIGGER and BETTER than the others! Believe me; experiencing ANY Christmas Market at least once in your life will make you crave for it every year – especially if you have easy access to it!

So in case you are visiting any of these cities around the festive season, don’t miss the chance to drop by the Christmas Markets. Read further which major cities made the list and the new addition (if any!) to their traditional Christmas Markets to watch out for this year’s event!


Vienna Christmas Market
Vienna Christmas Market. Photo via Flickr. Copyright to ©

Vienna’s Christmas Markets goes a long way back – they’ve been doing it since the 13th century! And even if they’ve been at it for a long time, they still have a few ideas up their sleeve to make it a lot more exciting than the previous years! Apart from browsing through more than 150 market stalls around the City Square, visitors are welcomed by a new addition to this year’s Christmas Markets: an arched gateway with lit candles located at the entrance of the City Square Hall! New light decorations scattered throughout Ringstrasse Boulevard, Christmas décor installed around the park focusing on stories for kids, and a 4,000 square meter ice skating rink are some of the first-time installations to watch out for this year!

There are a lot of Christmas Markets around Vienna to pay a visit – some already open to the public as early as 12th of November! So if you are wondering which areas to visit, check the official website to know more!


Lille Christmas Market
Look at that ferris wheel! Photo via Flickr.

Place Rihour in Lille is one of the most famous Christmas Markets, especially for Londoners (or tourists in London). Why wouldn’t it? This famous place is easily accessible through Eurostar in just 80 minutes!

France claimed their spot as one of the gastronomic hubs in the world long ago and their Christmas Market is one solid proof! While walking around, it is impossible not to go hungry walking around as you smell the aroma of freshly baked bread, cookies, and treats. And I don’t know about you, but I find French goodies so appetizing just by looking at it.

So if you are in London or planning to go to Lille for the occasion, consider going to Lille for the Christmas Market. Check their official website for more information, too.


Frankfurt Christmas Market
Frankfurt Christmas Market. Photo via Pixabay

Christmas Markets in Germany are pretty common, with most major cities and towns with their own version of it. However, the markets in Frankfurt are considered one of the best (if not the best!) Germany has to offer. Just imagine elaborate Christmas decors against the historical views of St. Paul’s Square and Römerberg! And of course, don’t miss taking a few photos with the gigantic Christmas tree part on display, too!

The Christmas Market tradition in Germany is one for the history books with its origin traced as far back to 1393. And unlike other Christmas Markets in Europe, Frankfurt also offers Christmas Market guided tours. Especially for first-timers and non-locals, it is a great way to know the “story” behind the festive decors and market stalls that make the Frankfurt Christmas Market we know (and love) today!

So if you are planning to visit Frankfurt, why not check the official website for Christmas Market Programme or the tour schedule?