It really was a surprise – didn’t have any idea.  I meticulously planned everything and maintain spreadsheets heavy with details of timed tasks and activities.  My projections of cash flow are detailed and concise.  Each row of data leads directly to June 18, 2018 – the planned day of liberation – my early retirement.

However, it was not meant to be….

My temporary boss (let’s simply call him: Mr. Ugly Pug Nose – photograph below) meets with me and casually announces the new structure of our organization eliminates my position.

Mr. Ugly Pug Nose


By the way, my last day will be eight weeks from today. Thanks for your contributions.

You’re kidding.

He walks out of the office; a hireling from Human Resources describes my severance package and the details of my exit. At that moment I didn’t hear a word. Twenty seven years of life and excellence vanishes in a minute. Executive one minute; unemployed the next. How does that happen?

Don’t let the doorknob hit your ass on the way out of the door

As the great feminist writer, Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, said, “We in middle age require adventure.”

Mine began 15 months, two hours and six minutes ahead of schedule.

Early Retirement – Gracias a Dios.

Thankfully, I have a home in Colima, Mexico.  As a result, we owe nothing – fully paid gracias a Dios!  My husband had been patiently waiting for me to arrive.

Originally, the plan was for him to retire eight months before me and then I would join him and we would live forever in early retirement bliss –journeying across Mexico, the United States and Europe.

Although I debated finding a new gig for two years, but… what the hell.  I had had enough of endless fifty hour weeks, late night tech bridges and status reports.

George Lee Walker, former Ford Motor Company Public Relations executive, coined the expression, “The Chronicles of Doodah.”  To me it sufficiently captures the absurdity of modern corporate life.

At last, my day had arrived.  Freedom.  Un nuevo capitulo – a new chapter.  I was anxious, but it was nothing compared with the experience to come. In two weeks I would face the greatest challenge of my life.