In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 13-15. Check out the others here.

UPDATE: I have a really busy month in November and I will not be posting every Saturday. But stay tuned! I am still kicking 🙂

It’s been a pretty week here in Southern Mexico! On Monday we went to visit a nearby aguas termales, (or hot springs), about an hour from our home. It was beautiful! The hot water felt great on my aching back. Next to the hot springs there is a cold water creek. In some areas, there are little waterfalls you can sit under. So refreshing! We loved it 🙂 Hope you had a great week as well, wherever you are in the world!

Let’s get on with my life lessons for this week on ExpatPost.

Life Lessons #13: Don’t press the refresh button on the WordPress tablet app without a bit of forethought.

If you do, you may end up deleting your updates to your latest post. Then you have to rewrite your post like I am doing right this minute, which is irritating and time-consuming!

UPDATE: I never did continue to use that app after this happened. Blogging is hard work and deleting and rewriting a post is time-consuming! Plus half the time I forget exactly how I wrote something and it never sounds the same the second time 🙁

Life Lessons #14: Date night can be… sneaking up to the roof with your hubby after the kids are asleep.

All you need is a ladder and some wine. And if you have a great view then everything is complete. Our view includes the South of Morelia. We can watch the city lights sparkle and the clouds settle over the mountains.

UPDATE: We only did this once! Maybe because we only lived in that house for six months… Now we are located in Uruapan, a smaller city surrounded by mountains. We have a little patio off our bedroom and I have it set up with flowers, chairs, and a hammock. Date night is around the corner!

Life Lessons #15: Starbucks is always a great backup for Internet. 

It has been two weeks since we moved in and it has not yet been installed. I hate being so attached to technology but I really do miss my Internet!! My kids can’t access their homeschool program either so hopefully we will have the Internet very soon!

UPDATE: Thank goodness for Starbucks! It was a month before we were able to get the Internet running! The installation guys claimed all kinds of excuses. Fortunately, Starbucks in Mexico has great Internet. Warning: Mexico is different in that life in general, is slower. This includes appointments. But a month! Good grief!

Life Lessons Bonus: Big dogs can be big babies!

We have a rottweiler and hound mix. He is huge. We named him T-Rex. He is the biggest baby. As I am writing this post he is panting and winding himself under my desk and through my legs. The neighbors have been setting off fireworks all evening and he hates it. They are scaring him to death! Perhaps it is a holiday here. Mexico has a holiday every other week! (Not really, but it’s a lot more than the US.)

What have you learned this week? Anything interesting or silly? Tell us in the comments below. Signing off, Tina