In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 22 – 24. Check out the others here.

Good day! Last weekend we had an Australian friend stay with us. Our family had a great time learning about life across the ocean. Caleb has been living in Mexico for a short time and seems to be quite the traveler. He moved to Mexico without speaking a word of Spanish. Now he takes classes and learns from his surroundings. Proves it can be done!

This weekend starts with a massage this afternoon and continues with shopping at the market tomorrow morning. By tomorrow evening I will be relaxing at ladies night with friends. My friend Jean, is letting us invade her home with wine and desserts. Exciting getaway for a mom of four 😉

What about the holidays? We don’t celebrate Christmas or the New Year. We do however have faith in Jesus, and we love to have parties and give gifts all year long. Not celebrating the holidays is a Bible-based decision and I must admit it also makes my life easier. I am always happy when this season ends and the world slows down again. And I enjoy the after holiday sales even here in Mexico!

So on with my life lessons here in Mexico…

Life Lessons #22: If you have a three-year-old or a one-year-old, you probably will need to pull a toilet.

It happened when our girls were little. I should have known that our boys would do the same. Only a few weeks after moving into our new house, we started to experience toilet problems. When Brad pulled both toilets we discovered a toy in one and a tube of toothpaste in the other. We were wondering where the toothpaste disappeared. Now we know.

UPDATE: Only recently has this improved. We had to pull our toilet for the 100th time in our latest home only a few months ago. I think we found like three empty toilet paper rolls in the base. This time we hired a plumber. Brad is done with toilets.

Life Lessons #23: If you are going to drive in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico be prepared for an adventure.

The city was built on mines. Today the mine tunnels are roads underneath the city. It is an awesome experience unless you have a touch of claustrophobia. I loved it, however, my husband, the driver, did not.

UPDATE: We haven’t returned yet but we want too. Despite the crazy roads and traffic, you need to visit this city! They have one of the coolest mummy museums there, (so I am told…), and that is on my to-do bucket list for Mexico.

Life Lessons #24: Before you leave the country, set up two online bank accounts. 

That way if you leave one debit card in the foreign ATM machine, (or it eats it), you can cancel it and transfer your money to the other account. Ahhhhh… I was so stressed out. I am happy we were able to resolve the problem quickly!

UPDATE: We have had more debit card problems here than I can count. I am so happy that we have two online accounts. One with Ally and the other with Charles Schwab. Trust me. The second account is worth the time and effort!

So what have you learned lately? Don’t be shy! Tell me in the comments below. I want to know 🙂 See you soon via ExpatPost! Signing off, Tina