In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 1-3. Check out the others here.

Hi, my name is Tina and I live in Mexico. I have a husband, four kids, one dog, and two cats. I am sitting at my kitchen table trying to focus on titles and keywords while chaos spins around me.

Brad is watching Mash on the TV. The kids are running around the house playing and yelling. The dog is running after them. And the cats are hiding till the little ones go to bed. This is my life. Welcome!

I love our life in Mexico. I love my family. I love a little chaos. It makes life fun. And if some moments are not fun, they definitely make for good storytelling.

This is my first article for ExpatPost. Each week I plan to give you a glimpse of our life in Mexico with a short list of life lessons. You can be on the lookout for my posts on Saturday.

The life lessons below were learned on a past trip home from the States. One of them includes being patted down by Mexican federal police… Are you ready?

Life is an adventure.
Live it well.



Life Lessons #1 : I am not a charity, although I wish I could feed the world.

Before we exited our vehicle we were approached at two separate gas stations, by women and children asking for money. At the first, I shared some fruit bars. At the second, I told them we didn’t have anything for them. After all, we have four mouths to feed, three times a day. And I honestly didn’t have any more food to give! I only wish I could feed the whole world ­čÖü

Life Lessons #2: Getting pulled over by Mexican federal police isn’t always bad.

Brad was patted down and asked to empty his pockets. They were pulling over all dark-colored trucks at a security checkpoint along the highway. We think they were looking for drugs or drug money. The officer was very nice and I think he enjoyed practicing his English on us. He let us go without any problems. Thank-goodness! It is always a little scary when the policia pull us over. Yes, it has happened many times!

Life Lessons #3: Don’t pee on the side of the road without making sure you are not in someone’s front yard.

Sawyer had to pee and boys are easy, so we pulled off the highway to let him go. Taylor and I decided we had to pee too. I spotted a secluded area and we took advantage of it. While emptying my bladder I realize there is a house directly in front of us hidden behind a fence and a crop of cacti. The dogs barking at us and the private property sign gave the residence away. I can only hope no one was home. If so, they were surprised by a couple of goofy gringos.

Did you learn something? Did you have a good laugh? Stay tuned. I will be back next week with more.

Signing off,

P.S. If you got a laugh from this post or you learned a lesson, leave me comment below and be sure to share this with your peeps. Gracias!