In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 4-6. Check out the others here.

Howdy from the Kentucky mom in Southern Mexico! I have been preparing for our trip the past few days. Tomorrow morning we leave for Texas to renew our truck permit. We have to do this every six months. We are making a vacation out of it and visiting certain parts of Mexico we haven’t had the chance to see. Look for photos on Los Gringos Locos soon!

In the meantime, I need to share this week’s life lessons with you! Let’s talk about rent in Mexico, rain in Mexico’s mountains, and packing for a trip with four kids!

Life Lessons #4: Finding a home for rent in Mexico isn’t easy.

Granted, I am picky. But some owners tend to ask for blood… putting down 21000 pesos, (three months in advance), for the first payment on a 7000 peso a month property is asking too much for a missionary family of six. At least that is my opinion. True they don’t know me, but I don’t know them either! Why would we give them a 15000 peso deposit that we may never see again?

UPDATE: This was house number two… now we are on house number five. I really hope we can stay here for a few years. I love my new house and our dueno is super cool.

Life Lessons #5: Rain in Mexico’s mountains can turn into hail.

Sure in Kentucky we have our share of rain during the Spring months. I didn’t realize the amount of rain in Mexico’s mountains! When it rains, it pours! Sometimes the weather gets real crazy and the rain turns into hail. This has happened twice in Uruapan. The second time the hail destroyed my patio plants.

I have had my laundry on the line for five days now and it is still wet. I am surprised it hasn’t started to stink yet. On the plus side, everything is green! And at least it doesn’t rain all day. The sun does peek out for a few in the morning hours, just not enough to dry my clothes!

UPDATE: Our new home has a laundry room with indoor drying lines. I love it. I still like to line-dry outside when the weather permits, but if the rain won’t go away I just use my indoor lines.

Life Lessons #6: Packing for vacation with four kids stinks.

I hate packing. Love traveling but hate packing. Especially with four children. One good thing is that our girls are now old enough to pack for themselves. Another good thing is that we no longer need diapers or a playpen. Yea! I don’t know why I hate packing. Always have. Always will. Oh well, if you want to travel you gotta pack!

When we prepare for a trip it includes tending to our dog and cats and getting the house in order to leave. For me, this is part of packing. More work for Mom and Dad so that we can get away and play for a few days. Oh well, if you want to travel you gotta pack!

What life lessons did you learn this week? Tell me in the comments below. Signing off, Tina

PS Despite this being an ongoing series, I have a feeling I will still be on vacation next week. I know you will miss me so be sure to visit the following week, (October 15th), for more life lessons 🙂