In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 10-12. Check out the others here.

It’s been a long couple of days and I am tired. Ready for the weekend! Who is with me? Tonight my weekend will begin with me sitting on the couch with my family and having a glass of wine. (Sam’s Club sells some nice wine for only 69 pesos a bottle. Ever heard of Opera Primo?) Anyway, let’s jump into this week’s life lessons cause my wine is waiting for me 😉

Life Lessons #10: Don’t try giving your son cough syrup in the dark.

Because if you do, chances are you will spill it on his head. Then he will cry very loudly and become a sticky, pink mess. You will have to turn on the lights, change his clothes, and wash your kid in the middle of the night. Just turn on the light in the beginning to avoid this whole disaster.

UPDATE: Two years later and I still do this kind of crazy mom stuff. If you are a parent you know what I am talking about. That moment in the middle of the night when you are awakened by a crying child from a deep sleep and you stumble from your bed like a Zombie-parent-thing stepping on every lego that your kids suspiciously left in your path.

Life Lessons #11: Instead of buying a cat in Mexico just wait for one to show up at your door.

Two days after we moved into our new house a kitten showed up. He was hungry and attracted to our garbage. Alexis brought him inside, and that was that. Now we are the proud owners of Tom, the Astro Kitty. An adorable white and tan kitten with blue eyes. I wonder if we will get a puppy the same way…

UPDATE: Tom left us after a month. We are thinking he may have already had a home and we cat-napped him… Today we have two Mexican rescue kittens named Rocky Balboa and Socks. Both were starving, dirty, flea-infested, and worm-ridden rats living on the streets. Now they are pretty, healthy, and clean princes of la casa.

Life Lessons #12: Moving is stressful for a three-year-old too.

Our potty trained son has been having accidents, that are not accidental. I think he is going through something and he doesn’t understand what is happening around him. I feel bad for him. All our kids are in tune with our emotions. If mom and dad are stressed so are the kids 🙁 Glad this moving thing is at least over!

UPDATE: This was three houses ago… I love the house we live in now and I really hope we can stay here for a few years at least! The homes we have rented in Mexico total five in three years. The stories I have about moving and renting are a little loco to say the least!

What life lessons did you learn this week? Month? Year? Share them below. Signing off, Tina in Mexico