In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 19 – 21. Check out the others here.

When I started writing for ExpatPost I swear I intended to post every week. I am keeping once a week as my goal but…

Life gets busy and sometimes you just have to let things go.

There’s another life lesson for you 🙂

If I miss a Saturday or two stay tuned because I haven’t gone anywhere. I am simply overloaded and letting things go!

The beginning of September I signed up to put 70 hours a month in my Bible ministry. That is only about 18 hours a week. Not full-time work. However, if you add that to being a mom of four who homeschools you basically have non-stop work that never ends 😉

No Problem! No regrets! No complaints! Just the facts.

Now on to our regular programming… life lessons from that expat mom in Mexico.

Life Lessons #19: Make sure you turn on the water pump. 

We manually press a switch to pump water from the cistern to the tank on our roof. If we forget then we are out of water. Fortunately, it does not take long to fill the tank so it’s not a big deal. It is simply different than we are used to. It becomes a big deal when your kid shuts off the water at the road and the cistern becomes empty. In this case, you may not have water for an entire day…

UPDATE: In our current rental house we have brand new water pumps. They work fantastically. Our new problem is that the floaters in the water tanks on the roof sometimes become stuck because they are old. Now when we have no water we climb on top of the roof and hit the tank to shake up the floater. It always works and the water starts filling immediately. Yea!

Life Lessons #20: Driver’s must wear their seat belts in Michoacan, Mexico.

It’s a statewide law. Brad had his seat belt off for a few minutes as we looked for a house number and two officers pulled us over. They threatened to give us a ticket and keep Brad’s license. We apologized and they continued to wait around… finally, we said just give us the ticket. They gave Brad back his license at that point. We think they wanted a bribe, but we aren’t positive.

UPDATE: When we are in a new city in Mexico we are frequently pulled over. Partly because we have a large, dark Suburban and partly because we have a US license plate. Fortunately, in our hometown of Uruapan, the officers recognize us and our vehicle and we no longer have that problem.

Life Lessons #21: If you hear a squeak in your wheel check it out right away. 

Turns out that a clip broke on our front right brake pad! Good thing it didn’t fall apart as we were driving and cause extra damage. We discovered it as we were about to go in our Bible ministry. Needless to say, it kinda ruined the morning. At least Brad and our friend, David fixed it in a few hours and it wasn’t costly.

UPDATE: No update on this one. Just use common sense and listen for weird noises on your vehicle!

It’s your turn! If you are reading this tell me what life lessons you learned this week. Could be something small, something silly, or something super important. See you around! Signing off in Mexico, Tina