In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 7-9. Check out the others here.

Hola! Today we had rain and that crazy hail that I talked about a few weeks ago! Sorry about not posting the last few Saturdays. We were on vacation and when we returned I was overwhelmed with tasks to catch up on. I am happy to be home and slightly settled at least till the month of November which promises to be another crazy adventure 😉

Let’s jump into my life lessons for as an expat mom of four living in Mexico!

Life Lessons #7: Mexican mosquitoes mean serious business. 

It is amazing how something so small can be such a blood-sucking little pest! In the States I never got a mosquito bite. Here I am a human buffet! Last night the little buggers were so annoying I couldn’t sleep. I went on a mosquito killing quest and killed about 20 of them around one am. But it was too late. This morning, Sawyer and I have a fair share of pink, bumpy bites 🙁

UPDATE: Finally ended up buying the baby a mosquito net for his crib. And since the move to Uruapan the mosquitos have almost disappeared. Turns out they like standing water. Our newest house has had a few but it’s definitely better than in Morelia!

Life Lessons #8: Don’t let the stoplight window washers climb on your hood. 

If they have to climb on your vehicle to clean it then they are going to scratch your paint job with their belt buckle. Your husband will be irritated with you for letting them do it. Just put your foot down and say no! Don’t smile at them and don’t look them in the eye. Be aggressive but don’t run one over either.

UPDATE: They still do it. A few weeks ago I had one clean my window at one light and less than two minutes later another one cleaned it at a second light. The men seem to take advantage of women drivers, thinking you will have pity on them. I usually do and if I have cambio they earn a few pesos…

Life Lessons #9: Star Trek can make me cry. 

My wonderful husband is a Sci-Fi geek. The thing is… sometimes I can be too. Today when we watched an old episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, a longtime crew member died. And I cried. We had to watch two more episodes with good endings just so I would feel better. I thought I caught Brad crying too but he said he was just trying to stay awake 😉

UPDATE: Now we are deep into CSI. Currently watching Season 12. And yes, when Warwick died a few seasons back I cried. I think I might have cried when Grissom left to be with Sara too. Stupid, fake, emotional, TV shows!

So tell me, have you learned any life lessons this week? Don’t be shy. We are always living and learning, and that is what makes us human and real. I learn in Mexico and you learn where? What country are you from and what did you recently learn?

Signing off, Tina in Mexico