In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 34 – 36. Check out the others here.

This has been a busy month! I am way overdue for a post! First, my mom-in-law arrived, then we went to the beach, and when we got home we started painting our house. Next, a good friend arrived, we had a special visitor at our Bible meetings for a week, and we continued to paint. Tomorrow Brad is taking his mom to catch a flight home to Kentucky and taking our friend home to Morelia.

In the midst of writing all this, my mom-in-law fell and dropped a gallon of paint in the process… fast forward to next day… I dropped a gallon of paint… Let’s just put this post on hold…

Okay, I am back! Sorry about that folks. I mean honestly, this series isn’t as popular as I would like it to be… (It did way better the first time around.) But I still would like to be consistent. After all, I did sign a contract with ExpatPost!

So since I am a bit behind, let’s just skip the updates and without further ado here are some facts I have learned after living in Mexico for over three years 🙂

Life Lessons 34: When a mother and her little girl knock on my door and ask me for money, my heart hurts. 

I told them no. Honestly, I didn’t have any pesos on me at the time. Plus I am afraid if I help them out once, they will continue to return and expect more. Perhaps they will tell their friends and we will have a line of people, knocking and asking for a handout. Perhaps not, but you never know. Our landlord told us when he moved back to Mexico from the States, he was generous. People started to expect something from him, even when he had nothing to give. I still feel bad for turning the mother and daughter away 🙁

Life Lessons 35: If we turn our water heater off at night we save propane, and saving propane, saves money. 

Our water heater is located outside just like our washer. Although the weather here is nice year around, it can still get into the 30’s at night during the winter months, especially living up on top of a windy mountain. If the water heater is on at all times, it works extra hard at night. The water heats up very quickly. After lighting the heater in the morning, we have a very hot shower in about five minutes. Works for me.

Life Lessons 36: There are nice people everywhere.

When I was locked out of my house in my robe, with two of my kids, and the baby was inside, looking at mommy through the front door, a nice man selling fruit came by and helped me get back inside with a pocket knife. We were taking out the trash and the wind slammed the door shut behind us. Brad and Taylor were in our Bible ministry. I had no cell phone. I was considering climbing a tree and scaling a barbed wire fence to reach my 19th-month-old son when a kind Mexican gentleman pulled out his pocket knife 🙂

Now if you are reading this, tell me, “What have you learned this last week or two?” Surely you have discovered something new! Drop it in the comments below. Signing off, Tina in Mexico