In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 37 – 39. Check out the others here.

These life lessons are syndicated from original content on Los Gringos Locos when I repost them here I usually update them because time has passed and things have changed! However,┬ásometimes they don’t need updating… Like the only IMPORTANT update I can give you on my life lessons below is:

Tristan and Sawyer are both completely potty trained and IT IS AWESOME!! Whoot, whoot! ­čÖé

Life Lessons 37: Mexican Coke-Cola tastes different from US Coke-Cola. 

I am pretty sure the ingredients are slightly different. I think the Mexican Coke-Cola ingredients are more natural. Not that it is much better for your health, with all the sugar it still contains. I am not alone in this taste test though. Others agree that Mexican Coke-Cola tastes different. From what I hear, Dominican Republic Coke-Cola tastes different too.

UPDATE: Still applies. I rarely drink Coke but even I can tell the difference. Definitely, something to try when you visit another country. Compare the Coke flavors!

Life Lessons 38: Tristan is The Diaper Houdini.

First, his pants come off, and then his diaper. I put his diaper on backward and it still comes off. I put him in full body pajamas and the diaper ends up in the foot of his pajama leg. The only solution is onesies that button between the legs. And I dare not forget to change him into a onesie. If I do, we wake up to a half naked baby who needs a shower, a load of stinky laundry that must be washed immediately, and fun times disinfecting his crib.

UPDATE: This only got worse before it got better. Let me tell you… I never had such issues potty training my girls. The poop part was absolutely awful. Actually, this was before Tristan was potty trained but you get the idea… Thank goodness we are finally over this stage! Tristan gave us a hard time before he was trained but when he decided to go on the potty that was it and we were done!

Life Lessons 39: Sawyer’s potty training is not complete.

I realized this when I saw him pee on my fig tree in the back yard, sprinkle on his foot, and then use my freshly washed, line-drying sweater to clean his foot. He may be four but the game is still on. And guess who told him it was okay to pee on my fig tree? His father! I asked Brad about this and he said they were conserving our water supply.

UPDATE: Boys will be boys. Does the potty training ever end? I mean we are at a pretty good place right now but seriously? Will my toilets ever be clean? Or the floors around them? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know…

So what have you learned lately? Whether you are living abroad or not I am sure you have learned something useful! Drop it in the comments below. And have a great week wherever you are in the world ­čÖé

Signing off in Mexico, Tina