In an ongoing series, our writer Tina reflects on her life lessons as an expat in Mexico. Here are lessons 25 – 27. Check out the others here.

Life Lessons 25: People will steal anything worth anything.

Last month we had someone walk by our garage while it was open and steal our portable air compressor. Brad was working on the truck and came in the house for a few minutes leaving the garage door open. During that time someone walked by and stole our air compressor out of the garage.

Wednesday Brad opened our truck’s hood to clean the air filter. It was crushed and bent in several places. The only possible way this happened is if someone reached up from underneath the truck and tried to twist the filter off. It is aftermarket air filter and is worth about 1700 pesos at today’s exchange. That is a lot of money for many people who live in Mexico.

We bought another air compressor and we will need to buy a new air filter for the truck. Brad welded a plate underneath the filter so no one could try to steal it again. We always park our truck in the garage at night. It must have happened while we were in a parking lot or something similar.

Honestly, it’s really sad that people have to resort to petty theft. It happens in every country. We had our home robbed in the States several years ago. Whether it’s for drugs, the thrill, or desperation, it is sad that people will steal anything worth anything.

Life Lessons 26: Love honey? Make sure it’s the real thing!

Our family loves honey and prefers it over most artificial sweeteners. We have been buying it here for the last few years at about 40 pesos a liter only to realize we were not getting the real thing but a fake honey diluted with corn syrup and water. Yuck. Now that we know where to buy it, (and what to look for), we will gladly be paying about 90 pesos a liter for the real deal! I guess honey is pricey in both the US and Mexico.

Life Lessons 27: Safety is more important than my wedding ring.

Michoacan, (our home state in Mexico), is 14 hours south of the Texas border. It is considered a place that should be avoided during travel by the US Department of State. We have lived here three years without any problems but to be honest it is better to be safe than sorry. In light of some recent crimes in our area, I decided to wear my wedding ring out of the house on special occasions only. There is no sense in making myself or my family a target due to a sentimental ring.

That is all for this week folks. What lessons have you learned this week? I would love to hear them in the comments below. Have a great week wherever you are in the world! Signing off, Tina

My life lessons are normally taken from previously published content on my personal blog, however, this week they are brand new. Why?

Because in 2014, I started writing for World Mom’s Network. Every month three of my life lessons would appear on World Mom’s Network in an original post. I am no longer writing for World Mom’s Network but if you want to read my life lessons published there you can find alternate life lessons 25 – 27 here 😉